About Us

The pillars of Cogniyug

Rajesh Kulkarni

Co-founder & Director

He is the mastermind behind TechLineage, has more than 15 years of experience in the area of Enterprise System Management, with deep knowledge about machine data and virtualization space. He has proven track record of developing software, selling software and services, maintaining customers and continuously generate revenue.

He is passionate about mathematics and sports. In his free time, as an avid mountaineer and adventure sports enthusiast, he loves to spend his time in jungles and mountains or watching cricket. He is holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from Mumbai University and worked with companies like BMC Software and Patni Computers at various leadership positions before starting TechLineage.

Amit V. Sharma

Co-founder & Director

He is an engineer by heart and software architect by profession with 12 years of experience in IT Industry. Amit has worked in Telecom as well as Enterprise Systems Management domain at various technical leadership positions. Prior to co-founding TechLineage, he has worked with BMC Software for over 7 years that include a couple of years as a Technical Architect driving key initiatives in virtualization, performance & availability monitoring as well as scalable integrations.

He is a motor enthusiast who spends his spare time tuning and repairing his bikes. His hobbies include teaching as a visiting faculty at University of Pune as well as playing cricket. He holds a bachelor degree in Electronics Engineering from University of Pune.

Mukund Neharkar

Co-founder & Director

He is problem solver and an ace programmer with analytical mind. With close to 10 year of experience in Enterprise Systems Management, he holds bachelor's degree in engineering from University of Pune. Mukund enjoys writing code than anything else and that's what he has been doing since last 10 years or so.

A nature lover by heart, he enjoys farming and travelling in his free time. Prior to starting TechLineage, Mukund worked as a lead software engineer with BMC Software where he played a vital role in writing and maintaining flagship BMC products .