BIG Data Analytics
Actionable intelligence using the power of 'Machine Data'!


A real time BIG Data Analytics platform for analyzing your time series machine data.

What is Cogniyug?

Cogniyug is TechLineage's BIG Data analytics platform for making decisions based on facts hidden in your 'machine data'. We believe that your machine data is worth its weight in gold! Hidden in it are valuable facts such as subtle repetitions, key correlations and other statistical details that no naked eye can see. Cogniyug reveals it for you so that you make most out of your own data.

Who needs Cogniyug?

We live in the 'Data Age' and it is imperative to use our own data to our own benefit. Any business or business process generating 'machine data' in the form of logs can benefit immensely by using Cogniyug. Read our Case Studies to understand how Cogniyug is being used in different business verticals ranging from IT and Telecom to Retail.

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Recent News

Featured in NASSCOM's Startup Konnect event held on 24th June in Bangalore
Featured in Top 30 Innovative Start-ups globally for Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure
Cogniyug got featured in Pune Connect 2012
Filed a US patent for an innovative algorithm to discover patterns in time series data